Production - Heritage Theater Series

Our flagship theatre project, Heritage Theatre Series, was launched in 2015 to reenact the history of Ghana from ancient to modern times through a series of spectacular theatre productions. The productions use dance, music, poetry and drama to capture the transition of Ghana from the arrival and settlement of various ethnic groups  through to the periods of slave trade, colonialism, independence,  military rule and multi-party democracy.  It captures various seminal moments in the nation’s history and depicts important aspects of its culture.

Since its inception, with a cast of crew of 150 to 170, we have produced 3 plays which have cumulatively been staged 18 times mainly at the National Theatre and The University Of Ghana. Our first play, WogbeJeke: The Birth Of A Nation told the story of Ghana’s pre-colonial history and our second play, WogbeJeke: The Tale Of Two Men captured Ghana’s independence struggle.